Mooji – Understanding the presence “I Am”

Through our consciousness there is an intuitive sense of ‘I am’, or I exist. This basic intuition can provide the basis for a meditational practice. In this video, Moojji explains how to concentrate on that basic feeling in order to deepen the meditational experience and explore our mind-scape.

As we focus on this feeling of I exist we will experience some distractions from our mind. Thoughts may come and distract us from our concentration. It is important to acknowledge and gently set aside these thoughts in order to maintain focus. Being in the mind state of I am allows us to experience life unfolding in a blissful, uncluttered and unassociated state.

Excerpt from Youtube:
Satsang with Mooji, 22nd December 2009 (session 1), Tiruvannamalai: “While the Consciousness is available, that knowledge and that taste ‘I exist’ is there. While it is there make use of it. Because through the ‘I am’ the absolute is felt. It’s just like that.”
Subtitles in Croatian.


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