Sex: The Secret Gate to Eden (2006) – Gnostic documentary [1h15m]

For anyone who is interested in Gnosis or Kabbalah, I would recommend watching Sex: The Secret Gate to Eden. The root of the Gnostic teachings are explained and summarized in enough detail to inspire further research. The significance of Gnostic teachings with respect to sex and reproduction is illuminated throughout the documentary.

Summary from IMDB:
Discover the Alchemy, Tantra, and Kabbalah hidden in the Mysteries of Adam and Eve. Temptation. The serpent. The expulsion from Paradise. Archetypal stories that have moved millions of human beings: but who has understood their real meaning? Theories abound, but humanity remains suffering in the wilderness. Now, the Esoteric Doctrine upon which all the world s great religions are grounded is revealed. Behold the Great Arcanum: the tremendous secret fiercely protected for centuries. Behold the true heart of all great religions and mystical traditions: the Path of the Razor’s Edge, the exact science to awaken the Consciousness and free the soul from suffering. The road to return to Eden is revealed; it is time for man and woman to rectify their mistakes and return to their true home. This video presents: the Universal Experience of Suffering and its Universal Remedy; the Secret Teachings…

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